Little Holcombe Nursery Tower View Nursery

Private Day Nursery and Out of School Club

Little Holcombe & Tower View

Our Aims

To provide a safe, friendly, caring and stimulating environment for your child to enjoy.


To provide a high quality of care and pre-school education.


To encourage your child’s individuality.


To encourage your child’s capacity to learn through play, using a wide variety of educational toys and planned activities.


To interact with children throughout the day, encouraging conversation, self-expression, using smiles, listening and affection.To respect a child’s ethnic background and culture.


For each child to create a bond with key workers making a secure relationship where the child feels comfortable and safe.


To work closely with parents and involve them in the work done by us with their child and respect their wishes at all times.


To communicate with the children at their level making it easier for them to relax and respond.To make each child feel important so that they feel interested in what they are doing.To welcome each child warmly and say goodbye at the end of each day.


To encourage interaction with other members of staff and children and be ready to assist with daily tasks.


To recognise the child’s need to sometimes ‘be on their own’ and be given their own space when needed.


To reinforce manners and good behaviour at all times.


To be good employers so that good staff stay with us.


To constantly strive to improve so that we are considered to be one of the best nurseries in the UK.


Proud to be an Equal Opportunities Promoting Provision.